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The page tries to collect information related to Japanese rock singer/writer/composer "Panta", and his band including "Zunou-Keisatsu" (literally "brain police").
As you can see, this page is under construction... wait for a while, or contribute as you like.

NOTE: Most pages are written in Japanese, so please don't be surprised if you happened to to visit pages with mysterious magical characters. These characters are in Japanese.

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Panta biography

Panta (real name: Haruo Nakamura) is one of the most "cult" rock singer/writer/composer in Japan. He was member of "Zunou Keisatsu" and "PANTA and HAL" band. He is very famous for his beautiful lyrics with straight political messages and suggestive rhymes. He is also famous as automobile/motorcycle enthusiast.
He was born on Feb 5 1950, in Tokorozawa city, Saitama prefecture. Tokorozawa is famous for having US base, and his father worked there.

Before Zunou Keisatsu: He started his (professional) carrier in music as a member of band called "Peanut Butter" (hori production) in 1968. Very soon he left "Peanut Butter", attended "MOJO" as vocalist, and then with Toshi (Ishizuka Toshiaki) established a band called "Spartacus bunt".

Zunou Keisatsu (Apr 1970-Dec 1975): On Apr 1 1970, Panta and Toshi started the famous "Zunou Keisatsu" band (literally "brain police"). At that time Japan was in the age of campus dispute ("gakuen-funso"), and Zunou Keisatsu became very famous for their radical lyrics. Zunou Keisatsu issued 6 albums and disbanded on Dec 31, 1975. A best album was issued later in 1987.

Panta (solo) (Jan 1976-Aug 1977): 2 albums are issued. (to be written)

Panta and HAL (Aug 1977-Feb 1981): Issued 3 albums including 1 live album. (to be written)

Panta band (Feb 1981-present): The definition of "Panta band" is rather vague; I believe there's no definition. Anyway, Panta band is still working (as far as we believe). (to be written)

Zunou Keisatsu '90(Jun 1990-Feb 1991): "Zunou Keisatsu" banded again in 90s! Zunou Keisatsu '90 issued 4 albums (including 1 live album and 1 best album) and a live video. The core members were Panta, Toshi, Kazuhiko Fujii (Groovers), Masuhiro Goto and Akira Shimoyama. It was a very good news for old fans, indeed. Albums issued in Zunou Keisatsu ('70) days has been out of print for a long time, and were hard-to-find items. Because of Zunou Keisatsu '90, 5 of the 6 past albums are re-issued as compact discs in 1990. Also, 1 album with 1975 live recording was issued. Most of the past non-Zunou Keisatsu are re-issued in 1990 too. Hurray!

Recently: He seems to concentrate on producing/writing/composing work. <sigh> We wanna see his live performance!

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